A musicians diary

Or is it a musicians diarrhea?

Making music takes a lot of time. And a cost lot of money.

The new music scene has benefits with being able to distribute to a huge audience.

The ability to use marketing tools to reach millions of people. (If you got the funds)

However. The audience is oversaturated with new music releases.

The ability to choose from a catalogue of music. All for free if you'd like.

Artists desperately trying to pierce through the masses with their lives work while the audience takes music for granted and are now even restricted with giving support to what is free.

How do you support for free?

The three levels:




We musicians is all about the likes now?

No. Personally i don’t care about the likes in the matter of social media.


They are useful and do actually help me reach more people with my content and messages.

Either i can pay the social media gigant Facebook and instagram to push my message out to my followers

Or you could simply just press the button or tap twice on a picture and voila!

You helped!

Free of charge in less than a second.

And i can put the money into making music instead!

What does this give me?

  • Motivation

  • Reach

It’s true that being an artist it’s a grind. A push to always stay motivated and keep the content and music flowing regardless if anyone cheers or not. Because the message is personal and i’m doing it for myself.

A like, comment or a share though would give fuel to the fire. Know what i mean?

A very important aspect of the reactions on social media is the REACH.

I have about 600 followers on my facebook page.

When i post i reach about 20- 30 people of these 600.

One like however makes the post get a higher relevance in the algorithms.

For me a like is about 5-10 reach gained.

If i get about 10 likes i will reach almost a 100 people. A share however (the third step of free support) is gaining a lot more reach depending on the amount of friends of the people who shared the post.

Let’s turn it up a notch!

A coffee or a digital download? Coffee of course!

Artist as myself aren’t in it for the money anyway, right?

We do this plain and simple for fun?

Short answer is YES!

Long answer. (are you ready)

If one person buys a track of mine i wont get rich from a dollar.. Of course.

But i will get a huge motivation boost. For that one sale.


(how ridiculous it sounds, but it’s true)

Another angle is the relevance status in stores.

If all my friends or people who like and streamed my music bought ONE song on, let’s say Itunes.

I would climb the charts and be exposed to more people. IT. WILL. HELP.

I’m not getting rich but i will get my message out to more people.

A musicians road is a bumpy ride and requires much patient and a lot of work before even getting out of the bedroom. The importance of the local and free support should not be taken lightly.

If you got this far into this text.

Remember that all of your favourite bands once where local.

With all this said.

You can now download the new Dimensions album ALL FOR FREE!

There is also a neat ”bundle” giving you access to all my releases for less than 4 dollars.

It’s symbolic.

A motivation.

So wether you got empty pockets but a big heart. Or both.

Support has never been easier!




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