Guidelines 8bit (animated music video)

Guidelines 8bit animated video has a drug theme that works as a facade of the real message. A depiction of the treadmill life where every day repeat itself. Script is written in a kind of depressed way where i use the guidelines as a statement of how most of peoples lives look like.

I’ve been in a treadmill life myself in the past and i try to deliver my feelings towards this.

Not as, ”this isn’t the way to live” more of, make a stop once in a while, breath and enjoy life and make the most of it!

From Monday to Friday. Working and walking as people rush by, also in a hurry. Falling down a hole symbolise being tired and dragged down in the darkness where you are surrounded by you own thoughts whispering to you. But you’ll make through and break free.

Being in a treadmill life feels like running in slow-mo just wanting to reach the weekend or holidays to be thrown up in the sky and freedom. Like going on a vacation with your best friend. Bird in this case!

Sunday anxiety ends the video where we go back to have it all repeated.

On and on and on again.

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