Happy new year! Let's look back.

The end of a very special year, for the whole world!

Also the first full year of the Aristic project.

When life gives you lemons.

Make a lemonade…

Let’s look back at the journey!


January - Fears and convictions 8 bit (Video)

February - Guidelines (Video)

Mars - Elements hype

April - Elements (song)

May - Fears and convictions 8 bit (Spotify release)

June - Elements (Video) + Podcast

July - Guitar tabs (tabs + video)

August - Vir4l (song and game)

September - One year anniversary (Clone hero) October - Dimensions instrumental (Album)

November - #vir4lvideo (Video)

December - Archristic jingle (music + video)


I made this 8bit remake of Fears and Convictions just for fun months before the video was released. At first i only intended to do the chorus but soon became the whole song. With this idea i started to search for pixel artists who would be interested in doing a music video to my remake. I found Dimester.

In January i could reveal my secret remake and remember. I released mine before In flames released theirs.. just saying!


The music video for Guidelines was something i’m really happy about making. The song didn’t get that instant attention as other songs in the Dimensions album. I felt that most people didn’t understood the message by listening. So i wanted to add visuals to make the message reach more.

Joshua made a terrific job to deliver the emotions and Edling media made the video look stunning.

The video sure touched some hearts and got a much better traction.


Another hectic month wrapping up Guidelines video and preparing for the new single release, Elements.

For this release i got in touch again with Buhaj designs for the album artwork and the promo photos


Elements release!

A track about our environmental degradation, a call for our responsibility.

Vocals by Johan Segerström, production by Mathias Rexius and mix/master by Max Maly


The release of Fears and convictions 8 bit on all streaming services.

When i created this song i had not intentions of releasing it more than on a short clip on social media.

But as i managed to make a music video and released a full version, the thought eventually grew on me to release it on all streaming platforms. So there it is! Not as well received as with the visuals but i didn’t really expect that either. It’s there as a song to bring back nostalgia and smiles.


Filmed at a theatre in the amusement park, Liseberg.

With this video i tried to deliver a message through the elements, fire, water, wind and earth.

One of my most complicated scripts involving several people and locations. Edling media did once again a terrific job to turn my ideas into reality.

I also had the honour to participate in Dear untitleds podcast and the first chat with Nic beardsley.

A person who makes an awesome job supporting the underground music scene and together with Javi Melo he also runs a great twitch stream called Unsigned/undiscovered on the Dear untitleds channel. A stream that interview and listen to underground musicians while discussing the music industry, writing process, productions and a lot more. Recommended for musicians to learn how others do and also to music lovers for more insights of a musicians mind and behind the scene struggles.


As a guitar player, tabs have always been how i evolved my playing by learning others songs.

I have also used tabs as a way to write my own music. Good ideas often come when you are not right beside your guitar, so i have often used tabs to write down my ideas as a way to ”save” them and later record a demo.

The tabs are made with a guitar pro software and includes every instruments in details. Even the violins. I also decided to give this content more value by recording a kind of guitar play-through myself and add the lead guitar tabs in the video.


The road to Vir4l has been going full force the whole month and my first vocal collaboration outside of Sweden. Vir4l is special in many ways. A song that’s like nothing i’ve written before with hip-hop influences and Evvi from the UK putting his heart into it.

Due to the social media and game theme with Vir4l i got the idea to make a simple game to help market the release. The highscore is 144. Remember that!


One year as a solo-project!

To continue in the game theme and promote both Vir4l and Dimensions at the same time.

I contacted a streamer, Corbin. He live-streams himself playing Clone hero. A version of Guitar hero that allows custom made songs to be made and played.

The month leads up to the Dimensions instrumental release


The release of Dimensions instrumental. Streaming video made by Matthew Warnock.

When i first released Dimensions in 2019. A friend asked me if i ever consider releasing an instrumental version of the album because he thought that the songs worked well on their own.

These words grew on me and i agreed with him. The music was written with the lyrics added afterwards.

There was only logic that people could enjoy this album instrumentally.


#vir4lvideo release.

This involved a lot of struggles. Recording a music video and finding people and locations during a pandemic is hard. Even in Sweden. And Edling media were booked so i had to find a new videographer.

When writing the script i really wanted to remain the digital and game theme to deliver a strong message with the video and tie everything up. I found Isak axelsson that goes by the name C4sinot. He’s videos have been crossed my eyes sometimes as he had made videos for friends friends that shared his work. I was always amazed of his Vfx work which led me to contact him for #vir4lvideo.

Turns out it was one of my best decisions yet. Easy to work with and really blew my mind.


The aftermath of #vir4lvideo and going into one of the toughest months for musicians (unless you are Mariah Carey). Everyone are so focused for the holidays and ending the year that trying to promote anything can really just disappear in people hectic schedules.

So i thought that i needed to go a Mariah Carey path and put my Christmas hat on with the short Archristic jingle.


Moving into the next year we are all full of hopes and expectations.

As every new year but this time a more united wish for a healthy world.

The pandemic has really turned the tide and showed us to value life and the everyday possibilities that have been gone for almost a year.

The Aristic project have a lot of plans for the next year and i really look forward to release everything i have in my mind. As boring as it sounds its a money issue. If i had unlimited funds i would probably already released a new album. But i will not hide the fact that making music costs a lot of money. Sometimes we all forget the work and investment every musicians put behind their music that carried out for free.

Music and musicians are often taken for granted and if everyone valued the creativity as much as a Starbucks coffee. We would be on our way to a brighter future for independent musicians.

Remember that.

Happy new year!

See you on the other side,



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