Recruitment! (Tutorial)

This is actually quite important!

In my latest blog post i covered the importance of engagement (likes, comments and share) on social media to be able to reach more people following the page.

Often there are only a low percentage actually seeing the post i make. In order to make facebook, instagram etc show it to more followers, engage!

To also enable more people to see the content and hear the music is to have more followers.

And not just ”anyone”. Dedicated music fans is utterly important to benefit the engagement i wrote above.

Help me reach more people with this project by inviting friends in to the Aristic pages.

”Word by mouth” is solely the most effective marketing strategy. This is why your words, invitations and sharing are really really important!



On a computer:

Click the three dots on the right
Invite friends!

On a Phone:

Invite friends!


Phone (does anyone even use computer version?)

Tap the three dots on the aristicmusic profile

Choose "Share this profile"

Write a short message and send to your music friends!

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