Story behind the artwork

The artwork shows a butterfly and DNA in the shape of a sun with a blood-moon in the background.

Did you see that?

EVLN is short for evolution and this song is about how we evolve in life. Going through all different stages to find our identity as grown ups.

I also look on evolution from a parents perspective where there is always a continuous struggle handling the evolution of a child. One step behind at all times.

The butterfly symbolise evolution. An animal being around for the last 50 million years it has for sure seen lots of evolution. Butterflies are known for their stages to become an ”adult” Four stages egg, larva, pupa, and adult. I claim humans have lots more stages in life and the butterfly makes a great reference to ”growing up”.

The DNA is the code for evolution and the shape of a sun symbols what gives life. The blood-moon is the perfect balance. A straight line of the light and dark. The sun and the moon.

EVLN out - February 26th

PRE-LISTEN of the new song. Thirty seconds that runs through three sections of the song.

Be a real one and support the single by saving it via the link (it’s free) and i send you a clip once i’ve registered your save and mail!

Artwork made by: Buhaj designs

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