VIR4L - Behind the artwork


Which is the real world? Where we spend most of our time, do most of our work and meet most of our friends?

The digital world have opened up portals for us to create new solutions for our lives and society. People find new jobs, new global friends, an inspiration, a life saver, educations or business opportunities.

We now have two different worlds to live in. But it is also a survival game, for those who play.

Managing the harsh climate of being a public person. Seeing the influencers ”perfect” lives can tear on your soul and mind Relying on friends you’ve never met in person.

The phone is an entrance to the digital world. An endless tunnel with doors on both sides.

Now. Back to the question. Is the shadow outside the phone or the thumb inside the phone? Which world do we choose?

Some want it Some don’t But either way some will go Vir4l

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