Vir4l - Line by line

In this post i will explain the lyrics meaning for every section of the song.

Quick recap about the new single Vir4l

Vir4l questions which the real world is. Where we spend most of our time, work, meet friends?

We have two worlds today with the modern technology creating a digital world. Can we change our identity and be two different people in two different worlds? Maybe we have more worlds inside the digital world?

But. To survive you need to play the game. Survival of the fittest still exists but in another shape


With great confidence, our character floats through the digital market and finds success quickly.


For someone not familiar with the digital world. It can feel like a jungle.


Because it’s easier now to create a new brand or business more people dream to be successful in a whole other way than before. But with the opportunities follows a lot more broken dreams and failures.

Many become hateful or jealous of people trying to achieve their dreams. Often about them being fake while this may in fact be their business role to help them separate the two worlds and handle the harsh climate.


The constant stress to update. The constant feed of a shiny world leaves darkness to some people. With multiple identities it can be hard to keep track of the ”real” even if the new one is a relief.


With the amount of editing tricks. Our mind can have a hard time to separate fact and fiction. We leave digital traces wherever we go. We can’t escape our actions.


(As first)


Playing the game to get viral or being dragged into it can be a survival of the fittest experience. If you succeed. People wants something from you. And People want to drag you down. If you fail. People feel satisfied. Even if they don’t know you. The pixelated resistance.


Newcomer to the game with the flow so fire it’ll melt your face off Fast running to the money with the beats so hard it’ll blow your speakers up Drunk on paranoia the destroyer has returned to the scene of the crime With the rhymes that’ll break down boundaries Your sound is weak, you’re just another sheep following my lead I’m back with a vengeance and a mind full of rage Tearing up the page, Improving every day You think you got what it takes? I think you just compensate Stay out of my way, I’m ready to unleash hell You could find another way to emulate the heavyweight But nothing you can say can make your shit sell, oh well

Yeah You’ll be lost in the deepest jungle Yeah Our world has just gone psycho

And end us When we are reaching for the stars To make our lives whole again And envy us Seeking a disguise To save our minds from them

Dark clouds are still looming over me Crying in quiet I’m silently losing my empathy Empty I’m hollow i’m losing my sanity Vanity’s venom controlling me Now all of my fantasies rapidly turn to catastrophes Oh where’s the humanity When I look in the mirror it isn’t me When I feel like I’m falling I feel free My petals may die but I’ve planted the seed The medals I wear for the cause that I bleed I hope that this hurt will be worth the defeat All of my history I want to delete I don’t want to be nothing Corrupt but accomplishing something I’m crushing your brain with the bars Unplugging my conscience I struggle to function I wear my disguise just to hide all the scars

Our minds Crave perfection It’s not a dream anymore Getting drenched by all of my sins No one is incognito

And end us When we are reaching for the stars To make our lives whole again And envy us Seeking a disguise To save our minds from them

You’re running with the dogs now Hollering, you’re following with your teeth out Speak out if you wanna break the mold now It’s getting old now, losing yourself inside the noise It’s twisted, let me tell you bout it if you missed it Twist truth like it never existed Pixelated resistance Fragment minds to corrupt the system

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