Aristic - Dimensions Album (Click image to read the PDF) 

Release date: 20.9.2019





Music video

Artist information

Label: Self-released

Genre: Metalcore, deathcore, progressive

Hometown: Gothenburg, Sweden

Influences: Periphery, Veil of Maya, August burns red, Northlane, Intervals



Aristic is a solo-project founded in 2019 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

With the desire to be experimental with his music, Niklas Runstad started a project where the focus is to not let the creativity be limited by any rules of styles.


By inviting vocalist the project has a unique benefit to create music in any style and surprise the listeners with pretty much anything. The music genre is metal. With a structure of metalcore, deathcore and progressive music. Influences are drawn from all types of rock and metal music.


With a taste for experimental artists and bands. Like Jinjer, Periphery, August burns red, Intervals, Veil of Maya and KING810. Aristic works with music as an art and therefore there are no limits to what music can be created.


-"Like a Tarantino movie, once it's over you have to watch again to understand the plot"