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Overcome writing blocks!

Welcome back again to the Aristic blog!

If you aren't familiar with the previous posts i have written.

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This time i hope to be able to give you some new tools when writing music!

Tips and tricks getting past a writers block and also how i write songs in general.

Anyone who experienced writers block know the lurking frustration not having the creativity to proceed or even begin a song. While many say, ”it will come with time” (which is true). Over the years i’ve developed multiple ways that works for me to overcome and proceed through the hard times when the block occurs.

Let’s dig in!

#1 - Just play

Probably the most common tip and used one but sure one way to start the creativity going is to not focus on making a song. Just play whatever comes to your mind and when you eventually get a nasty riff. Record!

#2 - Drop the structure

Don’t focus on writing the song start to finish. Begin with the chorus or even the end riff.

What’s important here is to get the writing going instead of in the correct order.

#3 - Change tunings

This is one of my personally most used tips. Also a reason why my songs can have a variety in tunings. Experimenting with uncomfortable tunings can really get you creativity fly by finding chords and patterns you never have thought of before!

#4 - Create a routine

While in a writers block i find it useful to develop a routine to ”force” through the block.

This could mean that i write music after work for one hour, every day for a week, month or whatever it takes to push through and leave the block.

#5 - Write in your mind

Time is highly limited and being able to sit with the guitar for hours straight can be quite rare for most people. When i am writing a new song i tend to bring the song with me wherever i go. I have a simple recording of what i’ve come up with and listen to it over and over. Creating new melodies in my head.

#6 - Write for you

Historical, many riffs has gone in the trash because of thinking they are not what people want to hear. Not following a sound. Being too weird or having too much odd transitions in the structure. Remember to always write for yourself.

Some will love it and some will hate it.

The life of an artist. Balance the self criticism!

#7 - Take a shower!

This is incredible effective but could cost a lot of heated water!

Letting the mind wander creates new angles and allows you to achieve great ideas!

#8 - Don’t be perfect

Getting started with a song is often the most difficult part.

Instead of trying to find the perfect riff. Write an imperfect riff. Record and go from there.

When you’ve started to get some riffs going and developed a shell. Go back and fine tune.

#9 - Listen to music

Having a writers block is having a lack of inspiration.

Digging down in how others written their music gives you a solid ground to get started.

A flow of creativity as well as finding out that making simple things can work great in the end.

#10 - Do a song in a different genre

By stepping out of your comfort zone and doing a pop tune (if you usually do metal) can relieve blocks by just getting playful and doing music in a different and fun way.

#11 - Tutorials

Learn something new within your instruments. Watch scale tutorials or expand your music theory knowledge to find new tools you didn’t have before!

#12 - Start with the story

Set the atmosphere and theme before the music. Maybe let the vocalist write lyrics and try to create the music around how you interpret the elements.

#13 - Start with the drums

Actually i’ve done this despite i am a solo-artist with the guitar as my main instrument.

It could be compared as the ”different tuning” tip as you throw yourself of a bit and the new sound and areas gives you creativity.

#14 - Nature

Similar to the shower. Taking a walk or run in the nature can relieve tensions and let your mind wander. Going for a workout works for me in a similar way.

These are my closest tips to overcome a writers block and each and everyone have helped me at some point during my life as a musician!

I sincerely hope it will help you too (always a joy if you let me know) and do not hesitate to share this for others to see!

Until next time.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint!

/ Aristic

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