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Spot fake playlists 2022

Updated: May 17

In this article i am going to give you an updated version of how to spot fake playlists in 2022!

Getting your music on Spotify playlists are most musicians mission these days.

Playlists gives quick and clear feedback in the shape of streams and listeners.

Personally i see playlists mostly as data-income to use when targeting my audience in terms of who and where. They generate streams and data. Not much more of a wider perspective in most cases

To fully benefit from this article i suggest to first read the two previous articles.

  • What is a fake playlist and why avoid them

  • Signs to call out a playlist being fake.

Done? Alright let’s get to it!

Spot signs of a fake list (taken from previous articles):

  • Seems too good to be true

  • Contact in description (only if on big following lists)

  • Majority of underground bands (On big following lists)

  • Requests money (and often have a pricelist)

  • If they claim to be a company, they often have low engagement (check socials)

  • Listeners comes from big serves cities (Dallas, LA, Frankfurt am main, London, etc)¨

  • Playlist has about same amount of listeners as followers (hard to spot 2022)

What have changed?

Spotify updated their platform in 2021 removing the ability to see how many listeners an artist got from a playlist. But they increased the ”discovered on” section to more than five playlists.

This means that we can’t see anymore (beforehand) if a playlist seems suspicious with how many listeners vs followers. But we can compare playlists with the discovered on section. Do the playlist have an expected position in terms of amount of followers as the one below or above. This is not a crucial find but still worth to have in mind!

Updated Signs (add those above)

  • Account have more lists that have similar amount of followers

Making a playlist blow up is very hard. Making two playlists even harder. When looking on the account there is a chance that they have two, three or even four playlists with a high and similar amount of followers. This should be a red flag that they have bought bot-packages for their lists.

  • Account have a majority of fishy followers (no picture, number names)

Again head into the playlists curator account on Spotify. If they have a very low amount of followers with a high following playlist(s), that’s a red flag.

But what if they do have some amount of account followers? Well, it’s time to see who they are!

If you find that the majority of followers doesn’t have a picture and either a typical bot number name or weird on. It’s a red flag once again.

Look at the video showing these exact signs when looking at an account.

If you are out there scouting playlists these signs will help you stay clear from having yourself scammed and your music listened to by bots.

Messing up your stats, algorithms and making your path to find life-time listeners much more steep.


  • It’s a marathon, not a sprint

/ Aristic

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