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Submithub tips

If you are a band or artist, you have probably at some point discovered Submithub. The platform where we as musicians can find ways to promote our music through playlist curators, blogs, radio stations, youtube, twitch, social media influencers and even find record labels.

In this article i am going through tips and tricks to increase your approvals and remove some of the feel of wasting money! As i have made over 1000 submissions, i have tried out some keys for a better success.


The basic idea is that you pay one to three dollars to get the music considered by the curator within two days. If you don’t receive a decision, credits are re-funded. A curator receive half of the fee if responding within two days. Submithub gets the other half. This is how the platform runs.

How it works

You upload the music, select who you want to target Curators, influencers or record labels. Select if you want feedback of the song and define your music by up to three genres. Then you are set!

The platform presents the best matches depending on your outlet, genres and other settings. Select and the interesting outlets and choose to write a direct ”pitch” or the same for everyone. Hit Submit and wait.

User experiences

The main reason i bring the Submithub topic up is because of the frustration many feel about the platform. The declines are many and the feedback curators give tend to be vague or useless.

The feeling of wasting money and that curators are on there for a quick buck.

Tip #1 - Choose to receive feedback

Always make the curator respond with a feedback. Even if you don’t care and the feedback often is not useful. That extra effort to think and write will make the curator have to listen to the music with slight more attention than just playing it for 90s and press decline.

Tip #2 - Check the approval rate (and other stats)

This is something i think many miss when using the platform.

Looking at the curators stats and how often they approve songs will save you both money and frustration. Submitting to a curator with less than 2% approval rate will have the odds against you. Personally i like to look for curators with 10% or higher.

Other useful stats is how other users rated their feedback and which genres they feature the most. This filters some of those curators who only there for a quick buck and increase your chances of finding suitable curators and lists.

Tip #3 - Listen to the playlist(s)

Time is money. If you want make every credit count, you will have to invest with time. Find similar artists and songs to yours in the list and mention it in the pitch. It shows that you genuinely want contribute to the list. As a curator, getting examples of similar songs they already approved, makes them more convinced to share.

Tip #4 - Write the pitch

You only got 200 characters so pushing the right buttons is important.

Here is where you combine the previous tips.

  • Mention which playlist you think fits your song

  • Mention similar bands/songs

  • Write why your song contributes to the playlist.

  • If you can squeeze it in. Tell them you will share the playlist. (as you always should)

Bonus Tip:

Avoid sending submissions on Saturdays and Sundays. Both me and others experienced a significant less approval rate on weekends often followed by a last minute "panic decline" with the feedback even more vague.

Aim to send submissions in Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Submithub is like paying for playlists?

The main difference is that you pay for a consideration and not a placement. Playlists and curators are also being monitored by stats and suspicious activity. But always evaluate a playlist —-> Spot fake playlists

There are other platforms where you can donate to be considered for someones playlist but this platforms i’ve found to be the safest to use in terms of fake playlists but also the quality of the outlets in comparison to ”Groover”.

And as a curator i think this is the fair way to monetise your playlist and being transparent.

Is Submithub worth it?

It is a tool in your overall marketing to use.

Add it to your marketing but keep the budget low.

Getting in touch with curators and blogs are time-consuming. Here they are lined up and easy accessible. The more time you spend finding the match. The cheaper you come out of it. I definitely don't recommend going in and just throwing credits around.

It is also genre-based on how good Submithub will be for you.

Some genres have a larger outlet of curators and blogs.


Good luck with your pitching and remember…

It is a marathon, not a sprint!

Don’t hesitate to Dm me on instagram @aristicmusic for further discussions or questions!

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